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American King Shepherd Club Registry

The American King Shepherd Club Registry has been the registry of the Parent club for over a decade.  Not only is the AKSC Registry repsonsible for maintaining documents, but the registry also acts as the record keeper for all things AKSC.

The AKSC Registry supplies:

* Litter Applications

* Individual dog Application - Full

* Individual Dog Application - Limited

* Litter Registrations

* Individual Dog Registrations- Full

* Individual Dog Regsitations- Limited

* Change of Owner Registrations

* Pedigrees

* Championship certificates

* Working title certificates

* Breeding Certificates are supplied by the AKSC Breeding Committee

AKSC Registry is vital to keep track of current and future progeny of all AKSC King Shepherds that have been approved to be bred.

The AKSC registry will maintain all health records, health documentation, and temperament certifications for all those that have been submitted.