All Breed and Rare Breed Show Calendar:

AKSC and Other Clubs

The American King Shepherd Club Inc supports any club or organization - be it all breed or otherwise - that is looking out for the best interest and future of the King Shepherd Breed.

The improvement and promotion of the King Shepherd should be the main focus for King Shepherd breeders, owners and fanciers.

King Shepherds enjoy particpating in the breed ring, obedience ring and temperament test ring at rare breed events.  The following is a brief list and additional information regarding some of the clubs that the Kings are active in.  The list is in alphabetical order:

All Breed International Dog Shows

All Breed International Dog Shows was created by dog enthusiasts who care a great deal about dogs and the way dog shows impact our breeds.

American Rare Breed Association - ARBA:

The mission of the American Rare Breed Association is to serve and protect the "Rare Breed Dog" here in the United States.  To promote and educate the public dog fancier about over 130 or more breeds from around the world that are not now recognized by the major kennel club of the United States, the American Kennel Club.